Frequently Asked Questions for you to consider:

1. How is Plan B compensated? Is there any upfront payment for services?
After we reach an agreement for a performance, we will prepare a contract based on that verbal agreement and forward it to our client (you), along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope and a copy of the contract for your records. The client (you) would then sign and date the original copy of the contract and return it to us by mail in the envelope provided, Along with the contract, the client (you) would enclose a check for the (non-refundable) deposit for the (your) event. Plan B does require a standard $1000 deposit to hold any event date.  After payment of the deposit, the balance of our fee is due three weeks prior of the contracted event.
2. Who/what do I make my checks payable to?
All checks to the The Plan B Band should be made payable to: Wayne Joyal
3. What are Plan B's space requirements at my event?
Our preferred/requested performance space, if available, is an area that is 30 ft. long (across the front) x 20 ft. deep (front to back), BUT we can fit into a smaller area if necessary. Minimum footprint required would be approximately 20 ft. long (across the front) x 16 feet deep (front to back). It is usually preferable for the sound and sight lines of a performance for that area to be provided on a stage or stage risers, BUT we can set up for indoor events such as weddings or corporate events at the same floor level as the dance floor, so neither a stage or risers are a necessity. If you have any concerns about available floor space, please contact us and let us visit your venue with you to take a look.
4. What are Plan B's power consumption requirements at the event?
We need --- at a minimum --- two (2) individual circuits, on separate breakers, for our PA system and stage lights and a third (#3) circuit for our instruments, amps and stage gear would be ideal.  These individual circuits need only to be common residential/household circuits --- 15-20 amps, 110 volts. Ideally, we’d like two dual, or one quad plug-in receptacle to be provided within 5 ft. of the performance area for each of the individual circuits, but we carry utility cords and power strips in our equipment accessories in the event that the receptacles are either fewer or farther away than described above. It is most important that you make it a point to review this with us to ensure that adequate power will be available.
5. How is the time for performance and breaks divided up at the event?
Normally, we contract performances of 3 or 4 hours in length. Breaks between “sets” in a performance are important, especially to vocalists due to the extensive physical effort that they put into a performance. In a 3-hour performance, there typically would be (2) two 15 minute breaks or less.  A 4 hour or more performance would require us to take (3) three 15 breaks or less.
6. What does Plan B wear at the event?
We dress appropriately according to the event. For outdoor concerts or parties, and less formal receptions, we would normally dress in black dress slacks with black dress shirts, and our lady vocalist would dress in a casual party outfit. For more formal events, we wear dress slacks, dress shirts, and tuxedo vests with matching ties and our lady vocalist would dress in a cocktail dress or pant suit.
7. Does Plan B require a dressing room(s) at the event?
Yes, since we unload and set up our own equipment prior to every performance, we do need two separate dressing areas----one for our male members and one for our lady vocalist ---- if at all possible.
8. Should I expect to feed the band during the event?
Depending on circumstances, this is not an absolute necessity, but it is normally requested for performances longer than 2 hours. Please understand that to prepare for a three or four hour performance, a good portion of our band will arrive at the performance venue to move in and set up equipment as much as 3-1/2 to 4 hours before the start of the performance. Afterwards, it normally takes approximately an hour to an hour and a half to take down, pack up and load out the equipment, so a 4 hour performance amounts to approximately a 12 plus hour work day with travel time for our band. Food becomes an important factor in a good performance, but we will be happy to work with you in any way possible to minimize the impact on the budget for your event.
10. Do I need to have a sound system and/or engineer for the event?
Normally, we provide our own professional quality PA and performance lighting for all indoor performances. Sometimes, depending on the circumstances and the size of an outdoor venue, our client will need to provide the sound system by hiring a third-party sound contractor.
12. For wedding services, does Plan B help announce the wedding party and couple, and make other appropriate announcements from the wedding coordinator?
Yes, we do make announcements, introduce the wedding party and/or bride and groom, or announce such things as cutting the cake, bouquet and/or garter toss, special toasts or departure of the bride and groom, as requested by the client. We also can provide a microphone if a client prefers to have this done by a friend or family member, or for things such as remarks or toasts by friends or family members.
13.  Does The Plan B Band provide a sound and lighting production to all events?

Yes, The Plan B Band provides state-of-the-art professional lighting and sound to ensure clear sound at an acceptable volume for your guest. We provide the following production on every show.

(1) Yamaha MGP Series MGP24X 24-Channel/4-Bus Premium Sound Mixer Console

(1) Furman PL-Plus C Power Conditioner

(1) ART 355 Dual Channel 31-Band (EQ) Equalizer

(2) Two QSC KW153 Powered Three Way Loudspeakers

(2) Two QSC KW181 Powered Subwoofers

(1) One QSC KS212C  Powered Subwoofer

(1) QSC K8 Powered Loudspeaker

(1) One Crown XLS 2502 Powered Stereo Amplifier

(4) Four Yamaha SM12V Club Series Monitors

(1) One Shure PSM300 Wireless In-Ear Monitor System

(2) Two Shure SM58 Vocal Microphones

(2) Two Shure BETA 87A Wireless Vocal Microphones

(2) Two Shure SLX24 Wireless Microphone System

(1) One Chauvet EZpar T6 Tri-Color LED Wash Light

(1) One ADJ Mega 64 eSound Activation Lights

(20) Twenty ADJ Mega TRIPAR Profile Plus Sound Activation Lights

(2) Two Chauvet Eliminator Spot 355 IRC Motion Lights

(2) Two Global Truss Dual 6.56Ft Vertical Totem System

(1) One Global Truss Dual 8.20Ft Vertical Totem System

14. Can I make special request(s) for our wedding reception or other event? Do you/would you perform any song requests at my event?
We are more than happy to provide our client a list of special dance songs that we would honor for all our wedding receptions.  If a special dance song requested is not our list, we would be glad to play any Mp3 recording provided by our client's Mp3 player.  If a client or guest requests a song that we know and regularly perform, but was not included in our set list for that particular performance, we will do our best to fit that requested song into the set list before the end of the performance. We would be happy to provide you a copy of our current song list, and if there are songs that you would prefer not be included in the performance list for your event, we would certainly honor your wishes in that regard. We value our professional reputation and take pride in our work, and will discuss any concerns, questions, or ideas to make your event a complete success.